Fleetscales Model GRP Hulls

March 23, 2014

Fleetscales Model GRP Hulls

Our hulls are made to the stickiest standards and highest quality materials that can be found . Coupled with exhaustive research to make sure these hulls are as close to ‘real’ as it gets in scale model form.

Clicking the Scale directs you to all hulls in that scale,  clicking the class to the specific product in the online store.

Scale Hull/Online store link
1/24th Vosper fast Patrol Boat (UK/Commonwealth)
1/24th Grey Goose / Deny Steam Gunboat (UK)
1/24th SS Moygannon British Steam Merchant Coaster (UK)
1/32nd London Thames Barge cargo vessel (UK)
1/32nd RRS Discovery Scientific vessel (UK Barque)
1/32nd SS Great Britain Commercial Liner (UK)
1/32nd Royal Navy Steam Pinnace
1/48th Black Swan Class (Royal Navy)
1/48th Flower Class Corvette Class (Royal Navy)
1/48th Hunt Class Minesweeper Class (Royal Navy)
1/48th Robust Class Tug Class (UK)
1/48th Flower Class Corvette class (Royal Canadian Navy Variant)
1/48th ELCO PT boat Class (United States Navy)
1/48th Chant Coastal Oiler Class
1/48th 'Turbina' - Prototype Steam Turbine boat (British)
1/48th WLB/SPAR Class (United States Coastguard) WW2 era
1/48th Viper Class Destroyer (WW1 era Royal Navy Torpedo Boat Destroyer)
1/72nd Daring Class Destroyer (Royal Navy / Commonwealth)
1/72nd County Class Destroyer (Guided Missile Destroyer Royal Navy)
1/72nd Arleigh Burke Flight IIA Destroyer (United States Navy)
1/72nd Type 12 / Leander Class frigate (Royal Navy / Commonwealth) All Batch
1/72nd Type 21 Frigate (Royal navy / Commonwealth)
1/72nd Type 22 Batch 3 frigate (Royal Navy)
1/72nd Type 23 Frigate (Royal Navy / Chilean Navy)
1/72nd Type 42 Batch 1/2 Destroyer (Royal Navy / Argentine navy)
1/72nd Type 42 Batch 3 Destroyer (Royal Navy)
1/72nd Type 45 / Daring Class Destroyer (Royal Navy)
1/72nd Type 41/61 Class Frigate (Royal Navy Leopard / Salisbury Classes)
1/72nd C Class Destroyer (Royal Navy / Norwegian / Canadian / Pakistan Navies)
1/72nd H Class Destroyers (RN / Hellenic / Brazilian / Argentine / Polish / RCN / Dominican / RNN)
1/72nd U class Submarine (Royal Navy / WW2 era Submarine)
1/72nd Empress Class Commercial Liner
1/72nd Land Ship Medium (LSM / United States Navy)
1/96th Invincible Class Aircraft Carrier (Royal Navy)
1/96th Type 22 Batch 3 Frigate (Royal Navy)
1/96th Type 23 Frigate (Royal Navy / Chilean Navy)
1/96th River Class Patrol Boat (Royal Navy)
1/96th IJN Yamato / Musashi (Imperial Japanese Navy)
1/96th USS Olympia (United States Navy)
1/96th Rover Class Tanker (UK Royal Fleet Auxiliary )
1/96th County Class Destroyer (Guided Missile Destroyer Royal Navy)
1/96th HMS Lord Nelson (Royal Navy / 1906 variant)
1/96th HMS Inflexible (Royal Navy / 1876 variant)
1/96th Town Class Light Cruiser (Royal Navy)
1/96th Castle Class Corvette (Royal Navy / Royal Canadian Navy / Royal Norwegian Navy)
1/96th Flower Class Corvette (Royal Navy)
1/96th O Class Destroyer (Royal Navy / Pakistan Navy / Turkish Navy)
1/96th Modified Black Swan Class sloop (Royal Navy / Royal Indian Navy)
1/96th Modified Leander Class Cruiser (WW2 / Royal Navy / Commonwealth)
1/96th S Class Destroyer (Royal Navy / Royal Australian Navy / Royal Canadian Navy)
1/96th V/W Class Destroyer (Royal Navy)
1/96th River Class Destroyer (Royal Navy WW2 era)
1/96th Maine Class Battleship (United States Navy 1903 variant)
1/96th Protected Cruiser (United States Navy / USS Charleston C-2 )
1/96th IOWA Class Battleship (United States Navy)
1/96th Essex Class Aircraft Carrier (United States Navy)
1/96th Tennessee Class Battleship (United States Navy)
1/96th Benham Class Destroyer (United States Navy)
1/96th Gearing Class (United States Navy)
1/96th Gridley Class (United States Navy)
1/96th PC Class (United States Navy)
1/96th Monarch Class (British Steam Merchant)
1/96th Liberty Class Cargo Ship (United States)
1/96th Victory Class ship Cargo Ship (United States)
1/100th Auxiliary Cruiser Atlantis (WW2 German merchant / commerce raider)
1/100th Dredger Sand Heron commercial vessel
1/100th G-Class LNG Supertanker
1/128th HMS Vanguard Battleship (Royal Navy)
1/128th Lion Class Battlecruiser (Royal Navy)
1/128th King George V Class Battleship (Royal Navy)
1/128th Admiral Class Battlecruiser (HMS HOOD)
1/128th Nelson Class Battleship (Royal Navy HMS Nelson / HMS Rodney)
1/128th Town Class Cruiser (Royal Navy)
1/128th County Class Heavy Cruiser (Royal Navy / Royal Australian Navy)
1/128th Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship (Royal Navy WW2 Variant)
1/128th Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship (Royal Navy HMS Warspite WW2 )
1/128th Royal Sovereign Class Battleship (Royal Navy / modified revenge / R class)
1/128th Royal Sovereign Class Battleship (Royal Navy)
1/128th H class Destroyer (RN / Hellenic / Brazilian / Argentine / Polish / RCN / Dominican / RNN)
1/128th Illustrious Class Aircraft Carrier (Royal Navy WW2 era)
1/128th Colony Class Cruiser (RN / Royal Canadian Navy / Indian Navy / Peruvian Navy)
1/128th Renown Class Battlecruiser (Royal Navy HMS REPLUSE / HMS RENOWN)
1/128th Dido Class Light cruiser (Royal Navy / Royal New Zealand Navy / Pakistan Navy)
1/128th IOWA Class Battleship (United States Navy)
1/128th Fletcher Class (United States Navy)
1/128th ROMA Class Battleship (Italian Navy)
1/128th Richelieu Class Battleship (French Navy)
1/128th KM Bismarck (Kreigsmarine / German Navy)
1/128th KM Graf Spee (Kreigsmarine / German Navy)
1/128th KM Prinz Eugen (Kreigsmarine / German Navy)
1/128th KM Scharnhorst (Kreigsmarine / German Navy)
1/128th Takao Class (Imperial Japanese Navy)
1/128th Fuso Battleship Class(Imperial Japanse navy)
1/128th Liberty cargo ship (United states)
1/128th Victory Class ship Cargo Ship (United States)
1/133rd Blue Star cargo ship (Late variant)
1/192nd HMS Belfast Town Class Cruiser (Royal Navy)
1/192nd HMY Britannia (UK Royal Yacht / Final Variant 1952-1997)


Waterline Hulls:

1/200th RMS Aquitania

1/200th RMS Empress of Britain (1906)

1/200th RMS Mauretania (1906)

1/200th RMS Queen Elizabeth 1

1/200th RMS Queen Mary

1/200th SS Imperator

1/200th SS Normandie

1/200th SS United States

 Gallery Showcasing some of Fleetscales hulls from a range of eras/scales: