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All 1/72nd products, running sets/plans can be found in the relevant ship class.


  • Aerials & Comms

    All Aerials and communications fittings we produce in this scale.

  • Etched Fittings

    All etched fittings available in this scale.

  • General Fittings

    General fittings such as 'seamanship' and doors/hatches in this scale.

  • Hulls

    All 1/72nd Hulls. You can find all parts relevant to the ship class in it's own folder. Not all ships have a dedicated folder.

  • Sensors

    All sensors available in this scale.

  • Ships Boats

    All boats and aircraft available in this scale.

  • Weapons

    All weapons / weapon systems and available in this scale.

  • Royal Navy Type 21 Frigate

    The Type 21 frigate or Amazon-class frigate was a Royal Navy general-purpose escort designed in the late 1960s, built in the 1970s and that served throughout the 1980s into the 1990s.    

  • Royal Navy Type 22 (All Batches)

    The British Type 22 frigate developed from being a dedicated anti-submarine platform to a general purpose frigate in the later half of the 20th century. It is considered one of the best frigate designs of all time.  

  • Royal Navy Type 23 Frigate

    The Type 23 frigate is a class of frigate built for the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom. All the ships were first named after British Dukes, thus the class is also known as the Duke class.

  • Royal navy type 41/61 (Leopard/ Salisbury Class)

    he Type 41 or Leopard class were a class of anti-aircraft defence frigates built for the Royal Navy,  They shared a common hull and machinery with the Type 61 or Salisbury class aircraft direction vessels.  

  • Royal Navy Type 42 (All Batches)

    The British Type 42 , were guided missile destroyers used by the British Royal Navy and were broken into 3 sub batches.

  • Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer

    The United Kingdom's Type 45 destroyer (also known as the D or Daring class) is an air defence destroyer programme of the Royal Navy.  

  • USN Arleigh Burke (Flight IIA)

    The Arleigh Burke class of guided missile destroyers (DDGs) is the United States Navy's principle surface combatant. It has multiple batches.

  • HMS Cavalier / C Class destroyer

    The C class was a class of 32 destroyers of the Royal Navy that were launched from 1943 to 1945.

  • Royal Navy County Class (GMD)

    The County class was a class of guided missile destroyers, the first such vessels built by the Royal Navy. Designed specifically around the Sea Slug anti-aircraft missile system, the primary role of these ships was area air-defence around the aircraft carrier task force in the nuclear-war environment.  

  • Royal Navy Daring Class Destroyer

    The Daring class was a class of eleven destroyers built for the Royal Navy (RN) and Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Constructed after World War II, and entering service during the 1950s, eight ships were constructed for the RN, and three ships for the RAN.

  • Royal Navy "Leander" Frigate (All Batch)

    The Leander class, or Type 12/ 12i frigates, comprised of twenty-six vessels, they are among one of the most numerous and long-lived classes of frigate in the Royal Navy's modern history. The class was built in three batches between 1959 and 1973 and featured many changes and different weapons fittings. This led to the class being a well loved and capable class of warship.

  • Royal Navy H Class Destroyer (WW2)

    The G- and H-class destroyers were a class of twenty-four destroyers of the Royal Navy (two later transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy and one to the Polish Navy) launched in 1935–1939.

  • Commerical Liners

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