Fleetscale can also be commisioned for certain hulls and purposes. We have in the past done boat and warship hulls for scientific, wave testing and commision purposes.

However this also includes special development work for a customers hull in which we can work with them.

We also like feedback on fittings and plans so we can rearch the maxium amount of variation and acuracy of our products. If you feel you would like a slightly different variant of a product, please feel free to contact us. If you have feedback or think a fitting is incorrect please also feel free to speak to us.

We can also tailor what products Fleetscale has to your needs. This means if you have a specific ship and date you wish to model and it is in the Fleetscale hull range, we can tailor an semi kit or starter kit to your needs. 

We also know people and help people in the industry so can regularly help with enquires about products not listed on fleetscale

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