Beware of Counterfeits!

Get quality, not a dud. 

Fleetscale products have accuracy, quality, and a colossal amount of research effort put into them to ensure our customers get the highest quality products so we can see why some might want to copy our products. We’ve done some sleuthing and discovered that copycat products are indeed being manufactured and sold online. We’re flattered that others recognize our great work, but what we put into our products is not easily captured and copied. We build quality, enthusiasm and pride into every product we make – and we want to make sure you feel the effort we put in too.

We’re dedicated to giving you the best Fleetscale has to offer, from delightful design features and  to spectacular accuracy and service. Your authentic Fleetscale products come with a commitment to quality – not so for the impostors. We have your back in the worst case. But if your fake isn't good enough? We can only offer our condolences. We also only certify our products to work with our hulls. The rest is your right as modeller.

Fleetscale is a small business with a small dedicated team. A small business it might be but it still aids the machinery of economics in the UK and Global trade but people who rip these products damage the health the manufacturing industry and the Model Warship (and model boat) hobby.  We are actively engaged with the legal processes, other companies that sell our products or act as online merchants, wider companies then from just within out industry such as auction sites,  organisations, fraud prevention,  governments around the world and campaigns to ensure the industry and hobby prosper while fighting against these troublemakers. We also actively ourselves observe and report counterfeits and copiers ourselves.  Over the past few years we've also taken steps to keep accurate records and unique manufacturing techniques to ensure we can spot fakes, so the fakes must beware, we are closing in on them.

Report Fakes!

Fakes hurt our business and your hobby. Who wants that?

Please contact us if you spot a fake on the internet, perhaps at Club or event. We can take it from there. You can of course contact us or email us.


Don't Worry.

We understand you might innocently want to sell some of your products online, at your club or some other way. Just be aware that linking to our website is fine if the product is legit but we really don't like our photos being used as they represent brand new products. So please don't rip our intellectual property, you might innocently be caught of the processed which are trying to protect us against crime. As ever, come and have a friendly chat.

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