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We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

 You can finnd details on shipping times, costs, order delivery times and more in the relevant sections of the online store.

If you have any questions or queries about our terms and conditions our contact details can be found in the online store or contact us page.

By placing an order and clicking the "checkout" button, you agree to terms and conditions and understand that:

Orders placed by any other means then the online store are as arranged.

Orders do not ship without payment or shipping payment

The prices shown in this website ONLY apply to orders placed via this website. This website listing of products SHOULD NOT be used as a price quotation for orders NOT placed via this website, however we reserve the right to modify all prices without notice.

Should a price increase occur before the prices on this website have been updated whilst an order has been placed we reserve the right to ask the customer for the difference or make a refund in full.

Shipping will be via various courier/parcel services  or Royal Mail whichever is the most cost effective. If more than one hull is ordered and they can be nested inside each other the shipping cost will be reduced. Fittings with the hull(s) will be free of shipping charges when packed with the hulls.

Because we supply many different products and because of frequently increasing costs it is not possible to accurately cost shipping charges as quoted by the online shopping system for delivery to any destination other than the UK and prices quoted are only approximate. Use the system to pay by credit card in the usual way but  remember here could be a shipping surcharge, but possibly a refund of a portion of the shipping charge.

The shipping cost will be the responsibility of the customer. Refunds are at the discretion of the managing director, however we can not refund or accept goods back of the order being in reciept without legitimate reasoning. Refunds may be partial due to resale values or value or materials used, or complete cost. Orders can not be cancelled without good reason after diapatch date of goods. Fleetscale can take up to 60 days to issue a refund. If an order is cancelled before posting but has been manfuactured a full refund might not be accepted due to cost of materials used, this is at the discretion of the managing director.

Delivery will normally be within 28 days. Some bought in fittings may take longer. If delivery on complete sets cannot be achieved within 28 days (because of outside suppliers) the customer will be notified and may choose to either cancel or accept a split delivery. Products of Fleetscale manufacture (Hulls & Fleetscale fittings) will normally be dispatched within 14 days.

FleetScale reserves the right to change, modify or update any element of its polices, prices or products at any time.

Fleetscale will take no responability for any charges or taxes for point of entry into that country (or if the order is sat in a courier depot for an extended period of time as defined by that courier), also Fleetscale will take no returns unless a valid reason that conforms to our other terms and conditions here mentioned. Also North America customers must be aware that Fleetscale takes no responability nor is it liable for products that inncur any penalty or injury to that customer.

Please note that Fleetscale products can have sharp corners, protusions and uses complex chemicals to manufacture it's goods. These products might be not safe for certain social-demographic brackets such as children. Please take precatuions to stop injury to yourself or others when handling these goods. Fleetscale takes every effort to reduce flash and some sharp surfaces where convient and does not effect the accuracy of the product.

The online forum is run and managed by Fleetscale. Fleetscale reserves the right to remove,ban and users and posts at any time if not deemed relevant to the quality of the forum.

FleetScale ensures transactions, customer data (weither in store, forum or othterwise) is protected as far as its legal responability extends

All Fleetscale products are copyright and must not be reproduced in any way, without

the permission of Westward Mouldings Ltd. Anyone who copies fleetscale hulls, fittings, parts or mouldings without permission will be prosecuted.

Fleetscale can not be responsible for issues outside of its control.

All content covered under information is pbulicaly avalaible and considered part of our terms and conditions. If you elected to accept our terms and condtioins Fleetscale will consider that the customer understands the terms of information, ordering and policy. Fleetscale has taken every effort to make our terms and conditions / information accessible and does not accept asn an defence excuses for not understanding these terms or information.

This site is Copyright Westward mouldings Ltd 2014

Responsibility for the compliance of relevant laws and practices for data security and financial transactions Westward Mouldings Ltd and its named division 'Fleetscale' remain the sole responsibility of the director and keeper of records Mr P.Walde.  The includes compliance with the relevant agreements in place with companies that provide financial transaction processing. No third party or service provider has unauthorised access to any data or financial systems. Any service provider or third party that works with/for Westward Mouldings Ltd does not have the capability of access to your financial data or to remove any personal data. The director remains responsible for the actions of service providers or third parties that he has contracts or  agreements with and is final approver of any work or actions they carry out.

Our financial transactions are carried out via Sagepay/Elavon and Paypal.

Fleetscales designs and goods are its property and protected by UK and International Law.

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