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Fleetscale is a division of Westward Mouldings Ltd and has been operating for over twenty five years. 

Westward Mouldings are manufacturers of high quality, precision, expertly hand crafted glassfibre mouldings and commissions ranging from custom builds, pattern making and finished moulds. Westward Mouldings has been operating for over 35 years and had the vision, drive and experience to deliver warship and model boat semi kit mouldings via its subsidiary; Fleetscale.

With this in mind, you can see the experienced, attitude to accuracy and quality that has enabled Fleetscale to establish itself as an premium model boat semi kit producer.

Fleetscale can also be commisioned for certain hulls and purposes. We have in the past done boat and warship hulls for scientific, wave testing and commisions purposes.

Fleetscale has grown over twenty five years and in that time they have established themselves as producing  quality fiberglass hulls for model shipwrights, top model manufacturers, the modelling community, naval architects, university’s and more. Regularly featured in Model Boat Magazines, Fleetscale Glassfibre hulls are always described and reviewed a:

“beautifully detailed and accurate“[1], “heart warming“, “simply superb“, “beautifully manufactured“,[2] “perfectly researched” and [3]


the elite of the scale warship world


Every Hull, fitting, superstructure , even down to third party suppliers are researched and carefully ensured to be relevant to the the ship build an customer chooses to build. Faithfully reproduced using a range of plans , photos and from some of the people who worked or served on these ships, fleetscale ensures you have the ability to ensure every plate, rivet and weld can be faithfully modeled either through our high quality hulls or relevant parts.

A Fleetscale semi kit means that you can rest assured that you are getting top quality and that means that you are starting right with your model build.

Fleetscale is here to help you , please do get in contact, visit the online store or browse the site for a wealth of resources,ideas and inspiration.

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