How the Fleetscale is orgainised:

Fleetscale is organised by Scale first, class of ship second..

Within each scale folder is a list of hulls avaliable in that scale and respective folders for parts or ship classes of that scale. Those folders contain ships of that class, any sub classes, batches or 'flights'. The folders also contain any products which maybe relevant to that ship at some stage in it's career. (We always recommend research.)

In most catergories you may also find specific folder for compoents and accesories that are relevant to ships that we do not make the hull for and era wide fittings/structures. 

Fleetscale always stresses that research is core to every build and our store acts as a good guideline only.

At the bottom of the store you can find all the information you require, at the top of the page is also a link to a form to email us directly. Our telephone number and address is at the bottom of every page.

You account provides all the tools to manage orders, track orders and your details.

You'll find all the information you need under a block called 'information' this stipulates everything about being a customer of fleetscale.

Starter kits - are designed as basic starting point for customers. They do not include instructions.

Semi kits  - have everything that Fleetscale manfactuers for that Ship/class. They do not include instructions.

Reference - Books, photo CD's/DVDs and anything that supports your modelling intrests.

Waterline hulls - These hulls are 'cut down' and can be used easier in a 'scene', they have a flat bottom. 

All hulls - Please see the complete range of hulls.

Scales - These are the scales of the products that are in enclosed with in them. This means they are to a scale of the 'real thing'. 

Motors - We supply a small section of motors that we have found to be succesful with our relevant hull sizes. We are not remote control stockists or experts but can provide limited support on this topic.

We also run specials and the deals which can be found on the home page, new products have a new product banner.



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Our full contact details are at the bottom of every page.

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