Common questions answered if a problem does occur:

1. If I want to change my order.

You can change your order up to the day of dispatch, contact us in the normal fashion or a message via your online control panel.

2. My order has arrived damaged.

Please contact us as soon possible after delivery via telephone, email or the contact us option. Please note it becomes more difficult to resolve an issue if it is not reported to us as soon as possible. 

3. I need to change my order before it's shipped.

No problem, contact us by any means as detailed on the website.

4. Can I have a refund before my order ships.

Yes we can issue a refund as per our terms and condtions.

5. I've ordered the wrong part but have recived the goods.

Fleetscale can 'swap' parts of an order out but the item needs to be returned to Fleetscale at the customers cost. Any difference in price will be charged or refunded.

6. I've ordered the wrong part but my order has not shipped.

No problem! We can change this easily, contact us in any fashion.

7. I think an error exists on the product.

Fleetscale is commited to accuracy and quality. If you think the product is incorrect please do come and tell us via the forum, or contact options. We are quite open to updating our products or developing variants of a specific product.

8. I am worried I can not get hold of you:

Your control panel allows you to message us securely and privately , also the contact button on the online store allows a message to be sent to us anytime of the day.

9. I can not get into my account in the online store or have an account with the old system

Please contact us or re registered / use the password reminder in the login page. You can place an order without having an account. 

10 An item won't let me order it or is 'greyed out'.

This means an item is either out of stock and we can not source it, it's a product nearing completion of development or is going to be released shortly.


11. Fleetscale does keep your order updated on in your account area tracking such as shipping dates, tracking numbers and messages.

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