1. When is is Fleetscale 'open'?

Fleetscale is open 0900 to 1700 GMT/BST (UK Time) Monday to Friday bar the odd seasonal and UK specific holidays. However our online store can accept orders, messages and more all day, every day. Limited online message responses in reference to sales or exisiting orders exists.

2. What are Fleetscales contact details?

  • Fleetscale, Westward Mouldings Ltd, The New Factory, Greenhill, Delaware Road, Gunnislake, Cornwall, PL18 9AS, United Kingdom
  • TEL: +44 (01822) 832120
  • FAX: +44 (01822) 
  • UK VAT No: 281831649
  • Company no: 1183244


3. Do you have a store or can I visit the factory?

We do not have a retail store as such. Visits to the factory are by special arrangement only,this is due to Health and safety issues, but if you are in the area and want to collect an order it can be arranged.

4. Why does Fleetscale not 'keep stock' ?

Because Fleetscale is the manfactuer of the products which reduces costs for our customers we find it more efficent to produce to order. We do keep a small selection in stock such as hulls. Fleetscale has a small team to ensure quality so mass producing wouldnt protect our ethos.  

5. Why is it better to come direct to Fleetscale?

As Fleetscale manfacturers and devlops it's products and other manfactures products for some other suppliers we believe it's far better for the customer to come direct to us and be involved with both development and us directly. It also mean's cost savings for our customers as costs of products would be higher they were sold by other stores. We felt this was unfair on the customer and generally found we could sell and ship products cheaper anywhere in the world then by having stores stock out items.

6. Can/Does Fleetscale go to events and clubs?

Fleetscale can arrange documentation or apparences for clubs and events. We generally announce if we decided to go to an event or club but as a rule, we generally don't unless by request or special arrangement. 

 7. What does Fleetscale do about different currencys?

Fleetscale accepts most currencys and our GBP prices are converted to your local currency by whatever payment proccesor you choose at the tillpoint. Also the Fleetscale store can give a resonable rough currency conversion by using the currency toolbar at the page. Please note this is approximate and any charges related to currecy or variations in charing of difference currecy is outside Fleetscales control.

8. Where can Fleetscale ship or accept orders from?

Fleetscale can ship to most places in the world and will accept orders from many parts of the globe. However this remains at Fleetscales discretion and we always recommend a customer contacts us if they need a quote or to query a global order.

9. Is my Data and personal information safe?

Fleetscale uses the latest security and encryption technology. We do not pass any data on to any other parties and all your financial data is kept with the relevant Bank as we allow them to proccess transactions not ourselves. You can find more information on this at the relevant page.

10. What is the newsletter/social media for?

Fleetscale won't hassle our customers but we do use Facebook, Twitter, social media and a newsletter to keep our customers up to date with relevant information such as new products, upcoming developments and offers. We only offer this service direct from ourselves so it's worth following us in some form as we do put our news and special offers direct only.

11. How much experience does Fleetscale have and why you should choose us?

Fleetscale is over 25 years old and has experience shipping and selling products to a world wide audience. We are reguarly featured in the press and some of our work can be found in Universitys and offical orginsations such as museums and the armed forces. We are commited to quality and customer service. 

12. How is Tax caluclated?

Some countries in the world have 'sales or value added tax'.  We have decided to leave taxation to the customs offical's of the respective countries to matter. Shipping has to be taxed at the UK rate due to us being a UK company. All the prices you see on the online store are accurate to your location. If tax is slightly different for your nation, Fleetscale will apply the difference to shipping/packing costs.

 13. You need something specific?

Fleetscale can also be commisioned for certain hulls and purposes. We have in the past done boat and warship hulls for scientific, wave testing and commisions purposes. Please call us to discuss matters such as these. We also know people and help people in the industry so can regularly help with enquires about products not listed on fleetscale.





Guides and getting started:

Where do I start?

Fleetscale believes in some simple laws of model warship and boat modelling:  Research , Practice & Patience, Never give in!

Because of the quality and standard of what we produce we always advise that you need some experience in modelling to do a model warship of these scales but don't let this put you of , you can always start with a semi kit or starter kit. These are projects that can be done at any speed no matter how much time you have.

We recommend our semi kits as good starting point, or atleast plans with a hull. Do keep in mind, some ships require more work then others and some consume more time, space and money then others. As ever, research is vital to success. Our two semi-kit’s that have the least to ‘do’ are the 1/72nd Type 22 Semi kit or the 1/72nd Type 45 Semi kit.

 Any questions about starting out, feel free give us a call.


What are Semi Kits?

Semi-Kits are slightly different to your average modellers kit. It is not the same as popping down to your local store to buy a scale model produced by another manufacturer already painted or on sprues to put together.

Semi Kits enable modellers to build models to the highest level of accuracy with maximum flexibility. FleetScale provides the means for the modeller to have a solid starting point their major project of building a scale model boat.


The Power of greater choice

Where appropriate, the hulls are fully detailed, with the plating, riveting and other surface markings, moulded into the hull. On some models we provide superstructures, decks and fittings for certain models that reflect certain plans but ultimately the choice is yours. Theirs no instructions and the projects go far beyond the simplicity of “sticking it together”. Modellers have to embark on much research and development of skills, over a period of time.


Forget the Manual, its all yours:

We don’t provide manuals or guides on how you build your model, just alike the real world naval architects and shipyards, its your choice from which tool and adhesive to use,where to brace & strengthen, propulsion,design, paint scheme and more.


 A whole industry at your fingertips

Go Static, Go propelled, sounded, lighted or smoking, Fleetscale is just one of the providers [3] of parts for the marine modelling industry. Theirs a whole community of parts, fittings and more that you can build your model to your design.


Why Fleetscale?

Fleetsale has always aimed to be as accurate and focused to building the best possible semi kits in the world. We spend weeks in research sourcing information from national archives, builders, Ex Sailors in more and most importantly we do not ship items we think that are not correct.

Many Ex-servicemen have commented on the accuracy and quality of fleetscales work as we keep our products tailored to your order.


Frequently asked questions.



Who does Fleetscale supply?

We ship right around the world, we supply all different levels of modellers, we also send products to museums and university.

Can you make my complete my project?

No, we just provide the parts, we maybe able to point you someone who can.

Are you a remote control stockist?

No, we are not RC experts, we do provide motors and basic advice but do not have any expertise in the propulsion side of modelling. We maybe able to point you someone who can.

Do parts come painted etc?

No, we ensure parts are cleaned up but thats as much as we do.

Do you supply tools,guides or techniques?

No, we do not include manuals, tools or anything related to putting it together. We recommend research, use of forums, magazines and books to help with this.

Do you recommend any specific publications?

A wide range of books and resources are avalible to the modeller globally. Model boats magazine and marine modelling international are well known, Traplet publibications makes a series of books and you can find resources on specific warships in print and digitally. New sources of data on ships is avaliable via social medial, photo websites and more. We also recommend to all our customers that 'research' counts.


News and Updates

Our full contact details are at the bottom of every page.

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